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Natural Bath Salt


Who doesn’t love a long, hot bath with a luxurious bath product? Add a good book, and you have a little piece of heaven. Our bath salts will help relieve aching joints, freshen and soften your sking while providing a mild relaxing scent.

Wake Body Wash


Wake body washes are a blend of organic saponified olive, coconut, jojoba, and avocado oils that moisturize while leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean. These bath lovelies are luxurious and wonderfully aromatic. This body wash comes only in 8 oz. sizing.

Wake Eye Pillow


Wake Spa Soothing Eye Pillows are filled with flax and relaxing French lavender, these aromatic packs can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer and applied to the eye area for use as pain and stress relief.

Wake Neck Cozy


Wake’s relaxing neck cozy is made with a cotton muslin inner pack, filled with grains and french lavender. The horseshoe shaped neck wrap molds to the neck area while the lavender scent soothes and calms. Heated in the microwave to provide moist therapeutic heat or chill in the freezer in a plastic bag to relieve swelling and pain.

Wake Spa Wrap


Constructed with a channeled, cotton muslin inner pack for even distribution, filled with grains and lavender. The relaxing lavender scent soothes and calms. Heated in the microwave to provide moist therapeutics heat to relieve stress, muscle and joint pain. Chill in the freezer in a bag to relieve swelling and pain.

Southern Hospitality Heel Balm


Southern Hospitality Heel Balm is the perfect, no mess, heel balm application for cracked heels, footpads, and overall foot softening. Also great for elbows, knees, knuckles, and any rough patch of skin. Honey Lemon scent. Apply to clean feet before bedtime and cozy up with some socks after applying to promote further hydration.

Southern Hospitality Moisturizing Foot Cream


One of our long time favorite brands at Wake Foot Sanctuary, this Southern Hospitality Foot Cream is emollient and decadent and not just for your feet! Show your feet or your elbows, knees, or other dry spots some love with this soft and rich moisturizing cream. Just a little bit goes a long way towards showing yourself some TLC! (4 oz.)

Southern Hospitality Foot Soaks


Southern Hospitality Sweet Tea Foot Soaks are the perfect way to soothe tired feet after a long day. Enjoy as a foot soak or immerse in a bath for a full body experience! You will feel revived and relaxed after dropping one of these lovely foot soaks into some warm water for some spa at home time.